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Working with Ed - What’s the next step?


  1. An initial face to face meeting, lasting about 90 minutes will take place to get an overview of the issues you are facing and what you specifically want to accomplish. It will also indicate whether there is a “fit” – whether we can work together, trust each other and whether we can create the space to to make things happen. There is no charge for the initial meeting.
  2. After identifying 2-3 key areas to work on initially, a proposal will be put forward outlining the scope of the work, the time frame and the cost.
  3. Generally, the first few sessions are longer, 1-2 hours, followed by weekly or bi-weekly meetings that are set up on a mutually convenient basis.
  4. These meetings usually run 45 minutes to one hour and can occur over the phone or in person, depending on the issues and the circumstances.
  5. All meetings are highly inter-active with the goal of finding direction and focus and creating the plans and solutions that will translate into action and results.
  6. For each meeting, progress will be reviewed and results examined so that there is accountability and feedback.
  7. Periodic coaching by phone or email between sessions is not uncommon and is generally included in the package.
  8. After the mandate is completed, some clients choose to make arrangements for additional follow-ups or periodic coaching.


Although the coaching process is work and requires a strong commitment, you should be prepared to have fun, gain insight about yourself and grow along the way as you produce results!