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About Coaching?

Coaching is an interactive process that helps clarify and define true goals and then works to create the plans and actions that bring results. The coaching process is essentially about achieving what the individual wants to create for himself or herself, in a more productive and accelerated manner. It is also about being accountable for moving forward. It is not counseling or therapy. It is based on the belief that individuals have within themselves the creativity and skills to achieve their goals. The kind of results that people seek from coaching can vary from having more of something, such as more income, greater effectiveness or, even to having less of something, such as less stress in their jobs or in their relationships.


What is a coach?


A coach is a professional who is committed to your success, who is your confidant, your personal sounding board, someone who offers insights, is a mirror of reality, a facilitator and a motivator, and, who helps you get what you want. A coach is someone who understands your environment and your challenges, who holds you accountable for the steps towards achieving your goals and fully supports you in the process.



Why seek a coach?


The bottom line is that a good coach can help you identify and clarify your goals and help you accomplish
them much faster than you could have on your own. The relationship between the coach and the client is
confidential and takes place in an open, co-active and secure environment, where the client sets the agenda.
Working with a coach provides you with the one-on-one focus you need to help you get more out of your life.



A good coach…

  1. Creates an atmosphere of trust by showing respect and by being non-judgemental, all within an
    environment of confidentiality.
  2. Is an excellent listener, observer, has excellent instincts and is always sensitive to your needs. 
    A good coach is client-centered.
  3. Helps you establish your true goals and then keeps you on track in achieving them.
  4. Is someone with whom you feel comfortable enough to share your thoughts, ideas and feelings, and
    who will honour your trust, support you and believe in you.
  5. Will work with you to bring out your special talents, creativity and abilities, so that you are able to 
    achieve the results you are seeking at an accelerated pace.
  6. Possesses a degree of experience in the areas you wish to address.
  7. Is committed to your success.