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How common is Coaching?

Coaches are found in every aspect of life, from sports to relationships to business, and in every area of the world. Coaching has grown tremendously over the last 20 years. It is worth noting that mainstream organizations now recognize that coaching is part of a skill set managers and executives need in order to empower people & organizations to move ahead effectively. Coaching is finding its way into leadership training at the university level and in continuing


education and training programs around the world. Many ordinary as well as successful people have a coach and individual coaching is becoming increasingly accepted in all aspects of life, from birthing to swimming, from communication to tennis. Coaching in the workplace is growing because many
people feel isolated and need some support in moving forward with their demanding challenges. Coaching is often offered through HR departments in many organizations.


Coaching is a broad and growing field and it is important to distinguish between the different types of coaching available. At times, the differences may be seem subtle since there can be
some overlap. However, if an individual is clear in what area he or she is looking for help, it should be evident which type of coaching would best suit their needs and consequently bring the best results.


Briefly, Coaching is divided into two main areas: Personal Coaching & Business Coaching.