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Business Coaching

Through a blend of diverse business experience and gifted insight, Ed Rudick quickly connects with clients to give value-added support in helping them meet their challenges.

A seasoned businessman himself with over 35 years of experience, Ed has a strong background in the service, distribution, retail and software sectors.

He began his career in business consulting and coaching in 1997. Ed has been involved in the development of business strategies and opportunities.

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I initially hired him to develop a strategy to increase my sales and grow my business. He very quickly recognized that I was in fact not motivated or committed in that direction. We began a coaching process and I quickly developed a new focus, building upon my experience as a contractor. Ed was instrumental in helping me realize where my true interests and passion lay

L.Z., President, Building Contractor

He has intervened to help resolve a myriad of problems in the fields of real estate, distribution, retail sales, light manufacturing as well as in interpersonal issues.

His direct coaching experience runs the gamut from senior executives of multinational corporations to entrepreneurs, managers and operations personnel of both medium and smaller-sized organizations.


Having been both the owner and manager of four businesses and as an executive in several private firms, Ed possesses a strong innate sensitivity to the needs of the individual within the context of both personal AND corporate goals.

Because of his own background, Ed particularly enjoys working with entrepreneurs as a coach and confidant. There is usually a very quick period of orientation and understanding of the environment because of shared common experience.

His personal style and honesty make the difference with the people and the organizations with whom he works.

Ed holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree from McGill University and a Masters of Business Administration from York University, with a joint program at Université Laval, where he pursued studies in both business and law.