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"Je suis privilégié d'avoir travaillé avec Ed dans un mandat de

planification stratégique, qui a joué un grand rôle dans la croissance de

notre entreprise lorsque j’étais Directeur Général et actionnaire

minoritaire. Ultérieurement, mon travail avec Ed a contribué à l'achat de

l'entreprise, avec un nouveau partenaire dont je suis actionnaire à 50/50.


Ed a été l’étincelle que j’avais besoin!"


Marc Beaudoin Chef d'entreprise, Confections Troy Canada limitée


I initially hired him to develop a strategy to increase my sales and grow my business. He very quickly recognized that I was in fact not motivated or committed in that direction. We began a coaching process and I quickly developed a new focus, building upon my experience as a contractor. Ed was instrumental in helping me realize where my true interests and passion lay

L.Z., President, Building Contractor

Ed Rudick is someone who you can easily give your trust to and know it will be rewarded with remarkable prowess in the world of business. He does not claim to have all the answers, however, promises that you will come up with the answers you are looking for. He simply makes the difference… I have seen him in action…leaving others in action, as they produce the results they are committed to

R.S., President of a U.S. Based Consulting Firm

The support, clarity and distinctions provided by Mr. Rudick have helped both my business and personal growth. His keen insight and ability to grasp any situation objectively have proven to be a great asset to my business. I have subsequently called upon his personal coaching services on different matters,
particularly during key transitional periods

B.C., Owner, Retailer

The warm personal way in which Ed worked with me, put me at ease and brought out my own creativity to deal with some difficult business issues. My confidence in front of clients improved as did my abilities to solve problems

and get things done more effectively

A.E., Consultant

2013 brings huge change for my corporation and Ed has been instrumental in the identification of professional direction and focus to accomplish specific goals and timelines. I would highly recommend Ed as a professional coach and mentor as you face your change and/or special challenges.

DeAnn Soults Land, Farms & Commercial Real Estate

Ed provides feedback and a business perspective that's priceless. Just when I have my head down, zoomed in on a goal along my path, he'll ask a question or make a comment that suddenly makes me look up—just in time to veer off from hitting the wall right in front of me! If you don't have someone who naturally asks the right questions or makes the right comments to help and support your particular weak link, get Ed. Along with the obvious business advantage, the rush of gratitude and amazement that accompanies it is downright energizing!

Michelle Twohig Artist, author and designer for nature and horse lovers.

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I am privileged to know Edward whereby he provides me with coaching. He is truly a gifted and talented man whereby he has the best interest of his coaching clients. His business experience provides you with great insight in helping you develop your talents, in the expertise you seek.. However most of all he has this wonderful warmth and capacity to empower me and support me through my goals, dreams and dilemmas. Without a doubt Edward is talented and gifted in coaching in varied fields and is truly a wonderful man to work with.

Thank you Edward

Dominique Pirolo SAP Talent Acquisition Specialist-PPCC

I've had the privilege of Ed's friendship and professional collaboration for several years now, and have consistently been impressed by his mature and considered insight, and deep integrity in commitment to the best interests of those around him. I endorse him wholeheartedly, and would (and have!) recommend him to business professionals that I meet.

Danny Iny Business and Marketing | Strategist, Consultant, Coach | Serial Entrepreneur | Super-Friendly Guy

“I have had the pleasure of working with Ed and I am proud to say he is my business coach. Much can be said about his superlative qualities which abound: insightful, creative, dedicated and knowledgeable. However, it is his persistence in helping you discover for yourself how to achieve those things one can only dream of that truly sets him apart as a unique coach. I value his advice and have benefited greatly from it. As with many of those great teachers and coaches you will meet along your way in life, I truly feel I have grown as a business person, as a father and as a leader.

Philippe Pelletier Director Digital Distribution - Directeur Distribution numérique - Technicolor